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Thinking Aloud - Tuesday Morning

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Today is the 75th day of the Biden Kakistocracy. Has the Stumbler-In-Chief visited the Southern Border? Has he delivered a State of the Union Address? Has he conducted meaningful meetings with other world leaders? Has he done anything even remotely resembling leadership?

If a straight White male drives a Trans-Am is he guilty of cultural appropriation?

Texas for the Win: Governor Abbot stands up for Texans and America and bans vaccine passports.

As long as the Chicoms are running our country anyway, it seems that they would offer US citizens discount coupons for Panda Express.

Do you want to see real hate? Talk to a conservative BIPOC about how they are treated by members of their own community on social media. 



Let me get this straight: the MLB moved the All-Star Game from a city with a 51% black population to a city with a 9.1% black population and removed a $100M economic investment in largely black-owned businesses ...

All in the name of "fighting systemic racism?"

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