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December 17, 2021



Mr. Reyes,
Things are getting crazy. I am going to have to leave the state up here. Even at my work, I cannot escape these numb skulls. Today, I received a stern talking to because I offered my customer service to some people not wearing masks. I work for a very liberal company—all sorts of initiatives for POC, LGBTQ, anti-discrimination, etc are in place. My coworkers are constantly giving “no maskers” dirty looks, being rude to them, and refusing to serve them (which, actually is the policy.) I find this mandated discrimination ridiculous. But, it’s all okay since Jay Inslee told us it’s okay. If we were in WW2, all of these people would be nazis.
Not to mention the masks are giving people chronic infections.
Not to mention the vaccine is killing unborn babies.
It’s all “my body, my choice” until they want to jab us all, isn’t it?
Not to mention, it isn’t even a vaccine.
Mr. Reyes, I’m on my lunch break right now, and I just had to vent here.
People who have their eyes open are getting harder to come by. My parents won’t even see me for Christmas.
Hope you’re doing well. Merry Christmas, and a happy new year. Stay safe, god bless you and your family.

Ellis Reyes

Good Morning, My wife just returned from a business trip up there and told me how ridiculous things have become - it's like the west coast has become one gigantic covid cult. I facetime with another former student, who is a sophomore at the high school and works at a shop out in Issaquah, and he tells me the same things about how businesses are enacting no fly zones against people not wearing masks and how it's free reign to treat them like crap. I think that a lot of people have always sucked and Covid has given them an excuse to show what sorry excuses for humanity they actually are - while at the same time virtue signaling to their friends about how much they 'care' about society because they're willing to bend the knee to Inslee and the mask Mafia. If you can get out, please do so; for your own sanity and well being. Arizona is fantastic, by the way.

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