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August 10, 2020



Good Day fellow thinkers.

Here's some stories from Chiraqistan.

Where is truth?

Story 1 from trusted Chicago police source ( i.e. grunts on the ground):

Approximately 2:30 pm Saturday a 911 call of man with a gun. Caller gives great clothing and physical description. Police arrive and see person matching description who walks away when he sees police. Police exit car and citizens tell police the person has a gun. Police approach and person runs away. Police follow and the guy pulls a gun and SHOOTS at uniformed police officers, who then return fire. Suspect falls and drops his gun and cell phone before getting up and running home. Police follow blood trail to his house where they find him bleeding and make an arrest. Suspect transported to University of Chicago Medical Center and is in police custody.

A gun was recovered at the scene.

About an hour after the shooting, a standoff with officers near the scene of the shooting briefly turned violent. One officer who was maced was taken to Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, while another suffered a shoulder injury and was treated on the scene.

Deputy Chief Yolanda Talley ordered an offender who maced five police officers released.

Story 2 from Black Lives Matter press release:

Yesterday, August 9, 2020, Chicago police shot another Black person in Englewood. Chicago police allege that they stopped someone who they suspected of possessing a gun. Next, the young person ran away, rightfully fearing for his safety in this dangerous interaction with racist armed police. The cops then pursued him on foot, going directly against the DOJ recommendation to eliminate foot chases. The chase culminated in CPD shooting that young person, creating violence out of a situation where no one was in danger. CPD claims the victim shot first and that they found a gun on the scene. These details are uncorroborated, partially because CPD also claims there is no body camera footage available for this interaction. This is a clear violation of state law and CPD policy and another example of police showing a lack of transparency.

The mayor clearly has not learned anything since May, and she would be wise to understand that the people will keep rising up until the CPD is abolished and our Black communities are fully invested in.

Story 3 based on this commentator's opinion:

I believe a reasonable argument can be made for the following:

Chicago police were set up. This was an orchestrated diversionary tactic by a well organized, cohesive guerrilla force. Only hours after this incident massive looting began in downtown Chicago while many police had already converged in Englewood.

This tactic is straight out of Mao Tse Tung's "On Guerilla Warfare" i.e. "employing our manpower in proper concentrations and dispersions...". While hell was breaking loose in Englewood forces were being massed for deployment in downtown Chicago. I wouldn't be surprised if the suspect shot in Englewood wasn't a classic "useful idiot" i.e. a young male being initiated into a gang.

13 police officers were injured over night. (More than the number of soldiers wounded in Iraq or Afghanistan on the same day.) 2 people were shot. 100 people were arrested.

There are (approximately) 117,000 acknowledged gang members in Chicago. The Chicago police number (approximately) 13,000 officers.

Per public records the Cook County prosecutor, Kim Foxx, has declined to prosecute 25,183 felony cases, 29.9% of all felony defendants.

Downtown Chicago is closed down from 8PM CST Monday to 6AM CST Tuesday. All Cook County Courts are closed.

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